ion Ventures and World Energy Council

Innovation Insights Brief – Energy Infrastructure

2nd July 2019 – London

In the build up to the 24th World Energy Congress in September 2019, the World Energy Council conducted interviews with energy leaders from around the world and further research in order to produce their Innovation Insights Brief on Energy Infrastructure. The specific purpose of this publication is to propose a set of principles for designing an Infrastructure Action Plan to ensure that decommissioning, stranded assets and/or repurposing does not become a barrier to affordable decarbonisation.

ion Ventures are honoured to have contributed to this briefing, with particular focus on the challenges of transitioning to a flexible, decentralised energy system, whilst maximising the usefulness and commercial viability of existing infrastructure.

The full briefing can be found here:

Innovation Insights Brief - Energy Infrastructure: Affordability Enabler or Decarbonisation Constraint?